The Uiver Memorabilia Collection

By 2011, interest in the Uiver had been renewed on a number of fronts. A collection of Uiver Memorabilia had been donated to the Albury Library Museum and were sensitively put in a modern display that formed part of a the Art Deco Exhibition, that was well received as a highlight of Albury’s cultural status.

The Uiver Collection is developing into a significant display of Uiver artefacts, as individual items surface from family collections, long hidden from view.

See more about the AlburyCity Uiver collection here.

DC-2 undercarriage

Some locals getting a close look at the undercarriage of the bogged Uiver
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 84.119.01)

Pulling the bogged Uiver at Albury Racecourse

Pulling the bogged Uiver at Albury Racecourse.
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 12.998)

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